Warriors Of Valhalla Cane Corso Kennels

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The American Kennel Club and the International Cane Corso Federation recognize our puppies as legitimate. We are committed to maintaining and showcasing the rich ancestry of our dogs.

Our breeding dogs undergo extensive screening, including genetic testing, to rule out the possibility of inheriting illnesses. We guarantee the puppies we breed are of the best possible health.

 Absolutely! We encourage potential owners to visit and familiarize themselves with our facilities and the dogs. We ensure a good match and help build trust between us.

Our puppies are socialized early on with other animals, people, and settings. This exposure ensures they are well-adjusted and confident when moving to their new homes.

Yes, all our puppies come with a 24-month health guarantee. We are committed to treating and checking genetic problems in every puppy we produce.

Absolutely! We offer guidance on training, health care, and any other queries new owners may have, ensuring a smooth transition and a happy, healthy life for the dog.

Our puppies undergo basic obedience and socialization training. We include commands like sit, stay, recall, and exposure to different environments and situations to boost their confidence.

Our kennel is equipped with temperature control, regular cleaning, plenty of space for play and relaxation, and continuous monitoring. Our crew has been educated to provide special care for each dog.