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The Cane Corso was my dream dog. After a tour out of the country knowing the military wouldn’t be moving me for a while I finally purchased my first one then my second very soon after. I had done a lot of research, but I did not expect to become as passionate about them as I have. While they all have their own personalities and temperaments one thing has been the same across the board, they LOVE their people and are naturally protective. We have fallen in love with the breed and wanted to become breeders to not only benefit the breed and preserve the qualities we have grown so fondly of,  but also to share our passion for these versatile beasts whether their “job” be working on a farm, winning ribbons, or becoming some ones very own house hippo.  

About The Breed

The Cane Corso pronounced Kah-Nay Core-So (or Cani Corsi if more than one) is an ancient molloser breed that originated in Italy thus being known as an Italian Mastiff. They were originally used by the Romans in war after the war they were left without a job and began to be used on the farms in Italy whether it be protecting the land, livestock, hunting boar, or hauling carts; no task was too difficult. Once farming practices changed in the 1950’s the Corsi began to vanish and nobody fully knows why. In the 60’s and 70’s some Corsi enthusiasts began to recover the breed. It wasn’t until 1988 when the first Cane Corso was imported into the United States by Michael Sottile Sr. The Cane Corso was not recognized by the American Kennel Club until 2010. They are now the last known coursing mastiff which simply means of the mastiff breeds they are faster and more athletic thus being able to catch game or prey. Their ancestry is a fine explanation of why this breed is such a loyal guardian of its home and inner circle. 

Elevate Your Life with Our Outstanding Four-Legged Family Members
I take great pride in being a Breeder of Cani Corsi it is an honor and a privilege to have, raise, and breed these amazing animals. This breed is so dynamic in so many ways! From the many coats colors that they have to the very diverse range of temperaments. In history they have been trained to do so many different jobs which makes them uniquely capable for so many roles. The raw intelligence of these animals is staggering.
GAIA (Grey Brindle)

Super athletic! Gaia has an Italian/ Ukrainian bloodline she is the first in her line to be born stateside. Though she is small she is MIGHTY. Weighing in between 85-95lbs

FURIA(Black Brindle )

Very sweet with a very well rounded temperament. Up and coming female out of Casios Nala x Scandifios Rambo Stay tuned for updates


Kronos is a black male with a low drive. He is from Champion Dream Teams kong fu panda and Grandson to Scandifios Baloo. Up and coming still has a lot of growing to go stay tuned for updates.

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At Warriors Of Valhalla Cane Corso Kennels, we take pride in being more than just a dog breeder – we are a passionate team of dedicated individuals who have made it our life's mission to provide you with the finest and healthiest puppies.
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